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What island are you on?

As medical doctors, it always surprises us how we are all working from our own islands in healthcare. We are all creating our own study materials, instead of sharing them between universities, hospitals and countries.

Team photo, different faces behind Compendium medicine

Let's build bridges together!

What if, from today, we would all start working together? Creating one compendium, in one language. Imagine all the time we would save, and how much more efficient we would be.

We have already built the first bridges

In 2015, we started our mission in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Compendium of Medicine in Dutch was born! We gathered a huge group of eager students and doctors, and started writing an encyclopedia using our own method. The book series sold out before launch, and soon we started making pockets. The overview of medical knowledge became accessible for both studying and during practice.

Compendium Geneeskunde book series with stethoscope on top
Launch event of the Compendium Geneeskunde book series
Open book of the Compendium Geneeskunde book series
Working on Compendium Medicine with the team
Romée and Veerle at a popular Dutch talk show, talking about the Compendium book series
The first Compendium Geneeskunde pocket book about Cardiology and vascular medicine
Students using the Compendium Geneeskunde pocket books during their medicine studies
Medical student practicing surgical skills using the Compendium Geneeskunde pocket books
Romée Snijders and Veerle Smit, doctors and founders Compendium Medicine

"We missed an overview in the medical curriculum and decided to work with students and specialists from around the country to write our own textbooks."

Founders and doctors: Romée Snijders and Veerle Smit

Upgrade your medical knowledge

Compendium Medicine pocket Radiology front view

Pocket Radiology

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Inclusive healthcare

We developed a free online course to help you and other healthcare professionals provide more inclusive care. The course consists of interactive content and self-assessment quizzes, highlighting diseases on various skin tones.

It's time to educate ourselves. Together, we can make a change. 🙌🏿

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