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To whom it may concern,

We are writing you to update you on the current situation of Compendium Medicine after our Kickstarter campaign.
Starting in March the team worked hard on a market research, marketing campaign, the translation of the Neurology discipline, and the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that our Kickstarter campaign was not successful meaning we did not reach our goal of €50,000.
The team of Compendium Medicine has evaluated the efforts of the past months and we have come to the conclusion that we tried to establish this immense project in too short a time. We still do believe in our project seeing the success Compendium has had so far in the Netherlands and Belgium and the positive remarks we got from students and others worldwide.

As of now all of the backers (those who supported our campaign) have been refunded their money.
We would like to thank all who backed our campaign, who promoted us through (social) media, and who believed in this project as much as we do.

So what now?
To truly reflect on the past months the team of Compendium Medicine has decided to give it some time before we decide on our next steps. Thus, we ask for your patience, and hope that when the time comes, we will hear from you again. For now we ask you: if there is any way you would like to stay a part of this journey of ours and/or if you have any other questions or remarks, please send us an e-mail at! We would still love to hear from you!

With best regards,
the team of Compendium Medicine
Veerle, Romée, Nina, Megan, and Sally

An Initiative for Students by Students

Making medicine clear for everyone

Medical students all over the world are required to read through heaps of textbooks during their preclinical years to prepare them for their clinical rotations. One of their largest problems is combining all their knowledge into one place for easy access later on, leading to confusion and time-wasting. This is where Compendium Medicine comes in! It is a series of four books that comprehensively summarises 27 medical and non-medical disciplines, providing an easy overview of the most important topics that need to be known by medical students and healthcare professionals. The books offer students the ability to learn more effectively with visual aids such as tables, images, illustrations and diagrams.

The Dutch edition of the books, which were released under a year ago, have proven to be hugely successful in the Netherlands and Belgium. Developed over eighteen months by sixty medical students and thirty medical specialists, the books are used by preclinical and clinical medical students, students of allied health professions, trainee doctors, and even healthcare professionals. We are now working on the English-language version of the books for medical students all around the world and hope to achieve the same success!

Want to take a peek into the book?

What our Dutch customers say

''Very useful, structured and clearly written. It is concise yet strong which means you do not have to study large amounts of text but you can grasp the essence of a subject in a short manner. Clearly structured using the same set-up in all chapters.''

''I think it’s great to have a useful summary to keep an overview of the study matter!''

''A very nice book series with a clear overview of all specialties! Ideal to quickly look up anything or to prepare for your tests!''

''You get a large quantity of study material for the price. This information is normally found in 10 different books. This makes it the ideal complementation to your studies.''

''I got the book series for my birthday. Superbly organized and great for progress tests. Exactly what I was missing! I really could have used this during my bachelor’s (pre-clinical fase)! I would therefore recommend it to anyone!''

''Very nice. Would have loved to have had these already in my first year.''

''Finally that which meets your needs.''

Romée Snijders & Veerle Smit

Medical students with a passion for education

We met whilst attending medical school at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Not long after we met we shared our ideas about the study materials we were using and we discovered that we shared the same ideas about about what we believed could be done differently. As a medical student you are required to read through heaps of textbooks in order to prepare for your future as a healthcare professional. This often leads to confusion. We decided it was time to help students regain an overview of the modern medicine.

We shared our idea with several of our peers and various medical specialists and were surprised to learn that many of them thought the same. Gradually, becoming more and more excited, we decided to shape our ideas. Compendium Medicine was born! After a year and a half of hard work, we were finally able to publish the Dutch version of our book in September 2016.

Now we are at the start of the next exciting chapter: making the English-language version of the books available for medical students all around the world!

We hope that our book can help you during your study of medicine.

Pre-order the Neurology discipline!

Neurology discipline

The first of the Compendium Medicine disciplines to be translated and rewritten. This discipline Neurology will be +/- 50 pages and contains the following subchapters:

  • Anatomy
  • Embryology
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Diagnostics
  • Diseases
  • Clinical reasoning

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