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A compact and practical handbook for everyone in healthcare. It covers general clinical topics, such as essential anatomic and physiological aspects, and important additional neurological diagnostics. Over 50 neurological conditions are presented, including the clinical fundamentals.

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- Language: English

- Written and updated according to European guidelines

- ISBN: 9789083190990

- Print length: 264 pages

- Edition: first (2024)

- Dimensions: 170 mm x 120 mm

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- We expect to ship it to you in March 2024.

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Bundle Compendium Medicine pockets Neurology 3 or more
3 × Pocket Neurology (10% off)
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Need a neurology reference on hand?

Explore key neurological conditions and clinical reasoning, including flow diagrams for several significant conditions, such as headaches, vertigo and loss of consciousness.

These resources will assist you in navigating from patient complaints to diagnosis, utilising both patient symptoms and diagnostic findings.

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Founders Veerle Smit and Romée Snijders in Amsterdam

The starting point of our journey

Over the years, we've created 18 bestselling pockets in Dutch. We're now bringing Compendium to the world with our English books. Are you ready for a global overview of medical knowledge?

Crossing borders with our bestseller

After selling our first English book in 70+ countries, we're thrilled to work on our second international book. The Neurology pocket is one of our most popular pockets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

A part of the team working on the Neurology book

A team effort worth supporting!

We're working on the international Neurology book together with a passionate team of students and experienced doctors. Join our mission to make medical knowledge accessible worldwide!

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A message from the founders:

"Your support through pre-ordering makes a significant impact! Plus, you'll be one of the first to explore this valuable resource."

- Romée Snijders & Veerle Smit


Get a glimpse inside! Find various aspects of neurology:

Practical overview of anatomy and physiology

Common complaints with differential diagnoses

Walkthrough of a brain CT assessment

50+ neurologic conditions with typical PE findings and indicated diagnostics

Please note that the video features the Dutch version of the book, as we're currently working on the English version. You will receive the English version!

In one glance: clear images

With thanks to our medical illustrators.

CT with a hypodense area in the left hemisphere consistent with cerebral infarction

CT with hypodense area indicating infarction

Types of headaches

Types of spinal cord syndromes pocket Neurology

Types of spinal cord syndromes

Solid structure

Visual, to the point and concise
- Clinical focus
- Convenient index

Compendium Method ©
- Straightforward tables
- Illustrations for every medical condition
- Icons, many figures and useful mnemonics
- Quality ensured by medical specialists
- No unnecessary words

Practical chapters

- Anatomy
- Physiology
- Neurological history
- Neurological examination
- Additional diagnostics
- Patient status documentation
- Lab values and interpretation
- Pharmacotherapy
- Differential diagnoses
- Neurological conditions
- Clinical reasoning

Neurology pocket in white coat pocket
All the essentials you need for patients in the outpatient clinic, acute setting en hospital setting

What our Dutch readers say about the pocket


A team of students and doctors share the passion to bring healthcare together and make medicine clear and accessible worldwide!

Founder Romee Snijders, MD, in white coat

Romée Snijders

MD, PhD candidate, Founder Compendium Medicine

Founder Veerle Smit, MD, in white coat

Veerle Smit

MD, Founder Compendium Medicine

Gwen Vuurberg

Chief Editor
MD, PhD, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine resident at Rijnstate & Radboud University Medical Center

Compendium Medicine Melissa van Kuik

Melissa van Kuik

MD, Neurology Resident

Liza Gelissen Compendium Medicine

Liza Gelissen

MD, PhD candidate at Amsterdam UMC, MS Center

Sabhat Akhtar Compendium Medicine

Sabhat Akhtar

MD, Emergency Medicine Resident


Demi van Bijlevelt

Junior doctor Emergency Medicine

Carlijn Veldman

Editor pocket Neurology (Dutch)
MD, Resident in Pulmonary Medicine 

Neurology pocket FAQ

Is your question not listed here? You can reach out to us via chat in the bottom right corner or by email: contact@compendiummedicine.com.

  • The pocket's production is guided by the collective effort of students, doctors, and a team of over 10 specialists, including neurologists.

  • The quality is ensured by a team of medical specialists who supervised and revised the text written by medical students.

  • You can use the pocketbook during your everyday work.

  • This book is written for a diverse range of readers, including medical students during their rotations, residents, and potentially medical specialists who are not specialised in neurology and wish to refresh their knowledge.

  • The supervising team consists of a broad group of medical doctors, part of which is specialised in neurology, and a part of which is in charge of readability and clinical applicability. In that way, we can ensure the best medical quality of the pocket while keeping it user-friendly!

  • The guidelines in this book are written and updated according to European guidelines.

Quality guaranteed by medical specialists


Prof. P. Portegies

Professor of Neurology, MD PhD FAAN, University of Amsterdam, OLVG and Amsterdam UMC


Dr. J. Schieving

MD, Paediatric Neurologist at Radboudumc Nijmegen

Dr. B.J.J.W. Schouwenberg

Clinical Pharmacologist at Radboudumc Nijmegen

Drs. K.S.J. Post

Neurologist at Ommelander Hospital Groningen

Dr. E.A.C. Beenakker

Neurologist at Medical Center Leeuwarden


Drs. J.G. Röttgering

PhD student Neuro-oncology at Amsterdam UMC - VUmc


Drs. F.H.M. Spaander

MD, Neurologist at Zaans Medical Centrum


Iris Verhagen

MD, Neurology Resident


Estelle van Eijk

Sounding board
MD, Neurology Resident

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